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IMG_5225Top Packing Tip
for Long Term Travel

What is the best packing tip
for long term travel? First
and foremost be frugal and


HP Mobile Printer
We have really liked this small mobile printer. We do not use it all that often, but when one needs a printer, it is great to have it. We use it more in Spain, but also use it sometimes on the road in our mobile office in our RV.

Sony VAIO Laptop PC
We have been very happy with this laptop PC. It is less intuitive than the Macs, but we are really glad that we have it with us as there are times that one can only use a PC. My big concern about PC's is the tendency towards viruses even with strong firewalls and using Firefox and such. So we primarily use it for Mozart's educational software programs and Skype. For some reason, Skype seems to work better sometimes on the PC than on the Macs. We bought a lot of software for Mozart before leaving and some just do not seem to work on the Macs even when they are suppose to.

Apple Macbook
We just bought this laptop for Mozart and we love it! It has all the latest bells and whistles that makes it even easier in some ways, although the Spanish keyboard is sometimes a challenge. As Mozart gets older though, it will be useful to have both Spanish and English keyboards at her disposal. We particularly like the improvements on i-photo and i-movie compared to our older Mac and like having youTube, Googlemaps, Wikipedia and Yahoo clickables. Since many of Mozart's software programs are on the other computer, I end up using this one a lot. Many things are just easier and more intuitive on the Macs, even for a tech dummy like me.

Apple Macbook Pro
We have three laptops with us on our open ended family world tour and this is our favorite one. We have two Macs and one PC, but this one rules. It makes things like photos and making videos on i-movie easy, even for a non-computer person like me.

Hiking Socks by Smartwool
We all started with one pair of these socks when we left in 2006 and they are still like new (except for Mozart's as we some how lost hers along the way). They are terrific and worth the money, but get them on sale if you can. They help prevent blisters, are warm when it is cold and cool when it is warm. Many trekkers swear by them and now we know why!

Great Travel Washcloth
We love this very fast drying, extra long wash cloth from Japan! It is machine washable, softer than loofah, but still textured to use in the same way to stimulate circulation. Feels great and lathers well. It is 35 inches long, so also great for back massage. A real luxury in a small size and price!

Microfiber Towel
We used a slightly different kind, but think these look even better and have admired friends with ones like this, so would probably pick them today if we were choosing as I do not think the terry version was available in 2006. The darker colors are the better way to go and these are essential if you are traveling by RV or camping.

Kids' Travel Vest (carseat replacement)
This is a fantastic choice for travel for a kid that needs to be in a car seat or booster seat. Mozart was only 30lbs. when we left, so we were thrilled to find this solution.
It works great in our RV as well as in cabs or rental cars. Takes up little space and is very light. We even hauled it around Morocco in our day pack!

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