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The Story of the World
We love this book and this series! We mostly use it as one of our before bed stories. Mozart also loves the workbooks and we have brought two along with us, but we just use them in Spain because they are too big for our camper space. It is a great way to teach history to kids! By having a better understanding about history, our travels are enriched.This particular one was great for our ancient history tour.

Adventuring with Children
I love this classic book and think every family should own it! The subtitle says it all" An Inspirational Guide to World Travel & the Outdoors". This book is just chock full of gems and great information. She really covers everything from how to do hand laundry to keeping up violin practice while adventuring as a family. She has twin boys and a girl, so lots of practical experience over the years in many different modes from yachting and camping to hiking and biking on short and long trips.

You Wouldn't Want to be a Roman Gladiator!
This is another book that Mozart has had for a long
time and reads over and over. She loves it and she
loves Roman Gladiators for some reason. I would
have guessed that this book would appeal more
to boys, but not in our case. This is a funny and
entertaining picture book, but filled with lots of
interesting facts because the author is an archaeologist.
We found it great to have with us any time we were
touring ancient Roman ruins and it takes up little space.

Katie and the Mona Lisa
Mozart loves this whole series. We got them when she
was quite young,but she still loves them at seven and
rereads them all over and over. Charming stories,
exuberant illustrations and a fun approach to art
education for a young child. When she sees these
paintings in real life in museums as we travel,
she feels like they belong to her.

Storybook Travels
Great ideas for family travel by making itineraries
based on great children's Literature! Over 30
itineraries in North America and Europe for amazing
adventures for parents and children to share. We have
done many out of the book and have taken the idea
and made some of our own. Love it....wonderful
way to help a child identify with a place and learn
while having fun.

D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths
This is one of Mozart's absolute favorite books!
It is big, so I debated whether we should bring it or
not. I am thrilled that we decided to bring it along,
especially for Greece and Turkey! This is a children's
classic with great drawings and tales and I know at
least one gifted school that uses it in their curriculum.
This makes homeschool very easy for a child with
passion for this subject. We met a teacher on our
gulet boat trip in Turkey who said Mozart knew
more about Greek myths than he did and she
had learned it all on her own.

Material World
I think this is a very important book that every child, every person should see and certainly a traveling family. It visually shows you what a typical family owns around the world. This is particularly important for a first world family and children who have come to think endless materialism is a necessary part of life. Excellent food for thought and motivation to live a less encumbered, freer life.

In English of Course
This is a lovely picture book and funny tale based on a true story about a girl from Naples, Italy who moves to New York City and her fist day in class with other immigrant children & a child's perspective on being bilingual and learning a new language this way. I bought this for Mozart before leaving as a kind of bibliotherapy to prepare her for her life in her new school in her second language. It was valuable on several levels and she still enjoys this book.

The Great World Tour
Mozart loves this fun, educational book! This is another one of our favorites with the theme of learning while having fun because I think that is the best way to learn and it makes it effortless. It has a bit of "where is waldo" feeling too it with lots of good information while hunting. Anyone can take a world tour this way and it is packed with lots of fascinating geography facts and puzzles that make you think.

Earthsearch A Kid's Geography Museum in a Book
his is a really fun book with lots of good educational information and activities that make you think, done in a clever and entertaining way. Just the way we like to learn!

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