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Tales from the Odyssey
No child should take an ancient tour of the world without a copy of the Odyssey and this one by Mary Pope Osborne was just perfect for Mozart and she loved it! There are five or six small chapter books in this series and they are very portable for reading on buses or trains. We combined this with reading some of the actual poem online.

Creative Home Schooling For Gifted Children
This is a good resource book for homeschoolers. I think they have changed the name now, which is good as I do not care for the "G" word, but is the same book. Somehow a reassuring book to have around, so it travels with us even though it is big.

The Story of the World
We love this book and this series! We mostly use it as one of our before bed stories. Mozart also loves the workbooks and we have brought two along with us, but we just use them in Spain because they are too big for our camper space. It is a great way to teach history to kids! By having a better understanding about history, our travels are enriched.This particular one was great for our ancient history tour.

Adventuring with Children
I love this classic book and think every family should own it! The subtitle says it all" An Inspirational Guide to World Travel & the Outdoors". This book is just chock full of gems and great information. She really covers everything from how to do hand laundry to keeping up violin practice while adventuring as a family. She has twin boys and a girl, so lots of practical experience over the years in many different modes from yachting and camping to hiking and biking on short and long trips.

Exotic Travel Destinations for Families
This is a great how-to book for exotic family travel. When I first looked at it I was inspired and some of the trips looked quite exotic to my eyes, but now that we have been to Morocco and Turkey as a family, most of it looks rather tame and we know we enjoy travel on the exotic side. If you have not done any exotic travel as a family, this book is an informative place to start your research.

Bringing Out the Best, A Guide for
Parents of Young Gifted Children

There are not that many books out there for
young gifted kids. This is a good basic guide
with useful information

What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You
About Children's Vaccinations

Written by an MD who is an expert on pediatric
vaccinations, this is an excellent book to help one
make this very important and difficult decision.
It is essential to get informed, even more so for
families that travel. Travel clinics have a vested
interest, so unlikely to give you the whole picture.
This book is a good starting point. Sometimes the
vaccine can be more harmful than the  disease and
there are many precautions a parent can take to
make this a safer choice.

Homeschooling for Excellence
This is an older classic about one of the pioneering homeschool families who sent 3 boys to Harvard who graduated at the top of their classes and how they raised and taught them on a homestead ranch. I like their attitude of following the lead of the child and like their subtitle "How to Take Charge of Your Child's Education and Why You Must".

And the Skylark sings with me Adventures in
Homeschooling and Community-based Education

I really like this book about a family that homeschools and how much they all learn through the adventure and community-based education. His children had great interest in Opera and music very young like Mozart, so that is what led me to this book. I even got to "know" them online as they were originally from our same town and he is very active in homeschooling circles. Lots of good information here and an attitude that I admire.

Storybook Travels
Great ideas for family travel by making itineraries
based on great children's Literature! Over 30
itineraries in North America and Europe for amazing
adventures for parents and children to share. We have
done many out of the book and have taken the idea
and made some of our own. Love it....wonderful
way to help a child identify with a place and learn
while having fun.

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