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As we unpack our world travel
memories and roadschooling books
while we revamp our vintage RV 


Tales from the Odyssey
No child should take an ancient tour of the world without a copy of the Odyssey and this one by Mary Pope Osborne was just perfect for Mozart and she loved it! There are five or six small chapter books in this series and they are very portable for reading on buses or trains. We combined this with reading some of the actual poem online.

Creative Home Schooling For Gifted Children
This is a good resource book for homeschoolers. I think they have changed the name now, which is good as I do not care for the "G" word, but is the same book. Somehow a reassuring book to have around, so it travels with us even though it is big.

Bringing Out the Best, A Guide for
Parents of Young Gifted Children

There are not that many books out there for
young gifted kids. This is a good basic guide
with useful information

How Children Learn
Classic read by an extraordinary teacher
and one of the fathers of the homeschooling

D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths
This is one of Mozart's absolute favorite books!
It is big, so I debated whether we should bring it or
not. I am thrilled that we decided to bring it along,
especially for Greece and Turkey! This is a children's
classic with great drawings and tales and I know at
least one gifted school that uses it in their curriculum.
This makes homeschool very easy for a child with
passion for this subject. We met a teacher on our
gulet boat trip in Turkey who said Mozart knew
more about Greek myths than he did and she
had learned it all on her own.

Art Fraud Detective
This is one of Mozart's favorite art books and
her parents love it too! It comes with its own
magnifying glass and is a fun way for kids to
solve a mystery while learning lots about
great art.

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