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The Family Sabbatical Handbook
This book like Escape 101, is about a family that spent an extended vacation in Mexico with a small child  and gained a lot of first hand information about how to do that. I think it is valuable to read many books on this topic to gain something unique from each as one plans their own escape. Lots of good information here that can help you with planning.

Escape 101
This was written by a cyber-friend that I know from Bootsnall travel forum. He does a good job of pointing out how a family can take a year off as he recently did with his family with a young child. He gives good and specific information on how families can take more long sabbaticals even if the company does not pay a cent. We prefer early retirement, but long sabbaticals are the next best things for families that can not do that.

The 4-Hour Workweek
If you want to find some great ways to work less and enjoy life more, then this is the book for you! We prefer early retirement to his mini-retirements, but find lots of his advice very helpful for extended travel and finding a greater balance between work life and family life. His philosophy and helpful outside-of-the-box ideas will resonate with most and spark a new way of thinking about work and play. His subtitle says it all: "Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and join the New Rich"!

The Only Guide to a Winning Investment
Strategy You'll Ever Need

Another classic older investment strategy book that
we have with us in our mini travel library. Good basics.

How to Profit From the Coming Real Estate Bust
This book was one of the key books that opened our eyes to the coming real estate bust and how to profit from it. I had never heard of Rubino at that point, long before we decided to put our home on the market and take our extended trip around the world. I just picked it at random off the shelf, years ago when I was doing research in this area out of curiosity. Still, it made lots of sense to us, even though we read it first several years ago when real estate was booming to record levels in our area. It is amazing to see how accurate this book was and still provides good information. We continue to reread it and are glad we brought it with us in our limited travel library.

Irrational Exuberance
A thorough and provocative financial book that we
enjoyed and felt it was important enough to bring
with us in our small mobile library.

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