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Vienna, A Little Night Music
February 1, 2008

In the city where Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Haydn and Schubert lived and worked, how could we miss experiencing some of the fantastic music and musicianship of Vienna?


Precious Pandas & Zoo
November 26, 2007

Oh my! We stood entranced, as we watched the Mama panda hug, cuddle and nurse her newborn baby. It was early October and the baby panda at the beautiful zoo in Vienna was born on August 23, 2007,


Finally, Vienna Explorations!
November 21, 2007

It was a red letter day, when I finally felt strong enough to make it into the city! We may have had to give up some things, but I was not about to leave Vienna without seeing


Pool, Play & Piano Practice
November 18, 2007

The good news about my ten day recovery, is it was a great spot
to be in, because there were so many great things for Mozart to
do while I rested and recuperated.


Bloody Monday In Vienna
November 14, 2007

This post could save your life or that of someone you know! It
may not be a pretty sight, but I am all well now, had as good an
experience that one could have under such circumstances and we


Alpine Postcard Dreams
October 17, 2007

Some places just make you feel like you are in a dream as the beauty
seems almost too much for reality. We have actually found quite a
few places like that on our travels, but Hallstatt was definitely


Salt Mine, Iron Age & Bones
October 16, 2007

Okay, the skull and bones were macabre, but the views from the
“Beinhaus” and metallic grave stones were charming. We hiked
up to the parish church (Pfarrkirche) and its miniscule cemetery,


Heavenly Hallstatt
October 15, 2007

The road to Hallstatt, Austria was slightly hellish for us, but once
we arrived, we found the divine Bravarian-like beauty, worth the
effort. Up until this point,


Sassy Salzburg
October 13, 2007

Massive picturesque mountains rise in every direction around
Salzburg,the green glacial colored Salzach River runs through the
middle of the city and one of the greatest castle-fortresses in


The Hills Are Alive
October 11, 2007

The original plan was to do the “Sound of Music” bicycle tour with
“Maria” all around Salzburg which we had heard was really fun.
Mozart is a bike fanatic at the moment and Salzburg is a great place


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